Airbrush In Style!

Quite like the name suggests, airbrush makeup is just makeup that is sprayed onto the skin directly, instead of using brushes, sponges and other equipment. Useful particularly for those in the limelight and those that are on the move, airbrush makeup is a perfect solution sometimes! The first ever time it was used was in 1959, in the film Ben Hur. With the advent of HD television and films, there is a greater demand for airbrush makeup.

Airbrush makeup follows a simple version of the airbrush technology in its application. When the makeup is sprayed, droplets of the formulae settle on the skin and create a uniform appearance that also looks rather natural. Because it settles on the skin and meets every nook and cranny as well, there is a sheer appearance to the skin. Airbrush makeup tends to last longer than most other forms of makeup essentially because of its nature. Considering that it tends to cover the skin surface completely, it is often very useful in covering blemishes and shadows.

Most forms of airbrush makeup include foundations and powders, eye shadows, blushes, and lip colours. Creating special effects can be done by using stencils and other equipment that help create designs. The biggest advantage in airbrush makeup is the hygiene factor, since there is no re-use of brushes and the only contact that there is, is the makeup itself touching the skin.

Airbrush makeup can be either water-based, where the pigments are ground in water; or polymer-water-based, where the base is polymer and water; or polymer-SD40-alcohol based, where the base is alcohol that helps with drying of the makeup on the skin; and then the alcohol based makeup that is best used for fake tattoos, and finally, the silicone-based ones that is for long-lasting use.

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