Press Release: Lancome launches DreamTone for a dream-like skin tone!

DreamTone: dream-like skin tone
A beautiful skin naturally

Combining cutting-edge research and brand studies of women and their skincare requirements, Lancôme now launches a new skincare ritual. Containing proprietary technology, the finely crafted Triple Action Technology is tailored to three different pigmentation profiles and meets women’s wished, needs and concerns in the quest for beauty perfection.

Triple Action Technology, all-round bespoke skin care

This unique, all-round correction technology, Triple Action Technology, comes in three made-to-measure formulas. The goal: to meet the specific needs of these three different pigment profiles. Dark spots, unevenness and irregularities in specific skin tones. It treats all skin tone deficiencies of the complexion. Its power lies in an incredible formulation that combines a unique core of shared active ingredients with specific actives for each pigmentation profile. This biological approach is augmented by sophisticated optical agents, adapted to each of the three profiles which beautify the skin and deliver an improved complexion immediately.

The DreamTone signature: core active ingredients

A shared core, common to all three formulas, is the unique combination of three complementary ingredients, designed to carry both melanocyte and melanotope. This original approach aims not only to target the excess of melanin synthesis but also to restore the epidermal homeostasis, the dermal-epidermal junction, reshape the architecture of the dermis and fight against inflammation and oxidative stress.

Tailor-made with care: adapted to each pigmentation profile

The Triple Action Technology DreamTone adds specific ingredients relevant for each of the three pigmentation profiles. They have been created to:
Pigmentation Profile 1: help target vascular dysfunction and fight against redness.
Pigmentation Profile 2: help fight against sallow skin.
Pigmentation Profile 3: target blemish marks.

High performance skincare, DreamTone instantly sublimates the tone of the skin with the help of non-tinted light diffusing agents.
In order to improve the skin’s texture, to correct discoloration problems and to improve radiance, DreamTone combines three elements, adapted to the needs of the 3 different pigmentation profiles:

– pearly reflecting agents that instantly enlighten the skintone;
– composite pink and copper pigments that improve the homogeneity and uniformity of the skin;
– light diffusing particles, that enhance transparency and sublimate the hue of the skin.

It is the perfect balance and reiterated three times between pearls, composite pigments and light  reflectors to instantly sublimate the complexion depending on pigment profile.

A texture like naked skin:
The three corrective “silky fresh” textures of DreamTone are made-to-measure, after more than 300 adaptations, and are now the subject of nine patents.
Not tinting, ultra-modern, they are unique, with their watery, light and incredibly fresh texture. Upon contact with the skin, the texture melts and turns into a silky veil of incredible softness. Non-sticky, non-masking, quickly absorbed by the skin, the texture brings immediate freshness and comfort. The skin is infused with a unique luster and transparency; the DreamTone signature, beautiful natural skin, even when bare.

A sign of it’s technological power, the DreamTone bottle, with its triangular, gracious curves and ruby-like color is a symbol of perfection, power and modernity.
The triangular shape echoing the “three-in-one” principle of this unique treatment. This surprising Lancôme patented bottle combines with its silver-twist lid, efficiency and facility in use, and contains a generous 40 ml for an application on face, décolleté and hands.