When Two Blush Lovers meet..

What happens when two bloggers, makeup lovers especially blush lovers get to spend the whole day shopping, chatting and eating :P? Read on to know the crazy story!
Remember how I excited I was because Zara aka Zee had planned a trip to Chennai and I had been saving to go shopping with her? (those on my fb friends list would have definitely known about this!) 😀 Well, the day finally arrived on the 19th of June and we had a blast!
Zee came to my place from the airport and as soon as she stepped in, I raided her makeup kit!! And guess what I found? 😉
Zee’s travel makeup kit.. RAIDED!!

Zee also saw my collection (which is teeny weeny compared to hers! :P) and as blush lovers we literally discussed every blush we could possibly think of!! I got a chance to try out a few blushers she had brought and they were such gorgeous colors!
We then had breakfast at my place and quickly headed to EA for shopping! We headed straight into the MAC store and shopped like as if MAC stores were going to vanish the next day 😛 I had made a list of things to buy but unfortunately whatever I wanted from that list was out of stock. 😛
LtoR: Me and Zee

After MAC we headed to Lush since I wanted to get my favourite AOBS cleanser. We dint realize how hungry we were till we reached the food court! Yummy sizzlers at Kobe gave us all the energy we needed for our post lunch shopping spree 😛


We then headed to Ramee Mall for our next shopping destination: the Kryolan store. We went crazy shopping there but unfortunately I wasn’t allowed to take swatches for the blog 🙁

Then we headed to Fruit Shop and replenished our energy (for some street shopping)!! Unfortunately it was already time for Zee to leave to the airport and some of the street shops we were looking for weren’t open that day so we left.

Zee’s haul:

My haul:

I’m not listing out the products we bought since you’ll get to know in the course of time as and when we review it .:D

Zee gifted me a blush palette and a Revlon single blush. 🙂 Loved both! I gifted her a Maybelline Gel liner in Grey and a Covergirl blush.

I personally had such a wonderful time! We went crazy taking snaps!I’m not posting everything here. Those who are on my fb friends list can check it out in one of the albums.

Thank you Zee for making the day so joyful and memorable! :X