Current Favourites: Urby Women’s Wallet, Suppandi Notepad and more

These are a few of my favourite things…

Hello! Just thought I would write a quick post on my current favourites. I’m thinking of making this a fortnightly series. Yes or No?

First, let me start with this handy women’s wallet from Urby. I had already done a detailed post on Urby’s passport holder. They’ve now introduced men’s and women’s wallets. I picked the Alice Smartphone Wristlet priced at 1795 INR. Of course, from the name, it’s obvious that you can fit your mobile phone in it. The size specification on the site says this is designed to fit a phone of about 5.5 inches.


Apart from the main compartment, there are two other compartments for your card and money. I’ve kept my visiting card in one and my The Body Shop card in the other.

While I love the idea of a wristlet, I felt the quality of the hooks were subpar as seen in the picture below. I would still use it because it is functional. It is perfect to carry to the grocery shop or for a night out.


As much as I love coffee, I drink a lot of green and herbal tea throughout the day. Organic India’s Tulsi range is my favourite. A friend recently bought me a box of cinnamon tea sachets from Sri Lanka. I love the scent of cinnamon so this one was a perfect choice for me. Dioli’s liquid green tea is perfect for me when I’m on the go. I empty the liquid green tea in my travel mug, which I fill with hot water before leaving home.

Childhood memories are precious, aren’t they? I remember how my thatha (grandfather) used to buy me Tinkle, Champak and Gokulam and I used to be so excited to read them. I still have a part of my collection and read them often. So when I found a Suppandi notepad, I had to get it. I mean, it’s Suppandi, the guy who made and still makes me laugh! Who’s your favourite character from Tinkle?


Last but not the least, food and photography are my all-time favourites. So if you love food, the Weekly Ramblings segment on this blog, then do follow my food and photography account on Instagram.

What are your current favourites? Let me know!