Weekly Ramblings: Turning 30 and Life Update

Hello hello!

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This is neither a comeback post nor a farewell post. It is a post about my life and blog journey and where I stand at the moment.

I generally prefer not to share the ‘downs’ of my life as much as the ‘ups’ but here I am, sharing both in this post. I guess that is a good start to things you’ll see in the future on this blog. 🙂

Let me start off by saying that after a break, I’ve started working full-time. I have never spoken about work-related things here because my professional life is different from my personal life and blogging falls into the latter category. Now, a lot of people have assumed that my blog and Saarisha have not been fully functional because of this reason. Well, let’s just say, the assumption remains an assumption.

I’ve been having severe migraine headaches over the last six months or so. It wasn’t this bad before. While different doctors have different theories as to what is causing this, all I can say is, the pain gets worse with every attack. The attacks are frequent as well. As a normal human being, I still need to wake up every morning, face my worst enemy – light, go to work, come back and carry on with my routine life – pain or no pain. Not to forget, the pain comes with several other side effects, so… YAY! Bonanza! Hahahah

After tests and doctor visits, we’ve come to a conclusion on what the causes for my “severe” migraine might be. I will update you on that in a separate post in detail.

So, Divassence! and Saarisha had taken a back seat but I’m slowly getting back on track with both. There’s plenty of new stock that have arrived for Saarisha and I can’t wait to show them to you. As for Divassence!, I do make promises saying reviews will be up on certain products by so and so date but I’ve unfortunately not been able to keep up my promises. I want to start blogging regularly again and I am working towards that goal. Let me work on a few posts and publish them. I have quite a few pending posts by the way.

I would also like to thank those who have been constantly pushing me to blog despite me not being able to do so. I am as passionate about makeup as I was seven years go. Colours excite me, techniques amaze me and the art keeps me motivated to keep going. Blogging, on the other hand, helped me discover my passion for writing which, has now become my profession. Nothing gives me more joy than combining makeup and blogging and I’m sure this would keep me going.

On a happier note, I turned 30 this March. Woohoo! I am excited to see what lies ahead in the wonderful journey called life. Meanwhile, here’s a throwback to the six most important things that happened in my 20s:

  1. I discovered my love for makeup and it is growing day by day.
  2. Blogging showed me my career path. I moved from the research field to journalism (without a formal education/training in journalism). I made the right choice at the right time and I absolutely have no regrets.
  3. I met the love of my life, got married when I was almost 29.
  4. Saarisha my dream venture was launched and my family members are as involved in it as I am!
  5. My self-confidence has grown from zero to 70 percent over the last decade. I’ve also learnt to love myself for who I am.
  6.  Friends became few in number but hey, I have the best of the lot! Honestly, I’ve been receiving a lot of flak for not keeping in touch with people but I am in constant contact with those who know what’s happening in my life and vice versa, and who matter to me.

Let me know what you would like to see on Divassence!. I’ll try my best to bring you good, useful content which I’ve been striving to do from the beginning. 🙂