Shahnaz Husain Matte Mousse Saffron Enriched Foundation: Review

You know the talk on virginity in the makeup world, the most popular question being “Are you a MAC virgin?” Well today’s post is not on my first MAC purchase nor is it something relevant to that, but its about me not being a breakout virgin anymore!! *bangs head for such an awful introduction but getting the point across*

My face was the kind that would brave anything that was put on it and never reacted in any sort of way, till this (the so called foundation that is being reviewed today!!)  happened. I never knew a breakout could be so terrible till I faced it. The Shahnaz Husain Matte Mousse Saffron Enriched foundation made my face break out, made me break down and gave my inner ego of having good skin a total prick. Curses!!



For a price of 435 INR for 50ml, the foundation comes in a white opaque plastic bottle with a pump dispenser. The packaging could have definitely been better and more sturdy considering this one isn’t travel friendly at all.

On the good side, the foundation isn’t heavy on application unlike some other foundations in the market and it stays on throughout the day as a matte finish. Any more brownie points for this one? *thinking hard* NOPE!! The foundation comes only in one shade which is obviously not going to suit everyone. And if my rant on how it broke out my skin isn’t enough I’m willing to give you more!!

The dispenser gives you more product than you would actually need and opening the bottle each time to put in the extra product gets messy. 

The foundation has a pink undertone to it which again has its own limitations. In terms of blending, blending with your fingers is the only choice you have. Trust me. Using a brush is a total waste of time considering the fact that it refuses to blend!! In terms of coverage also I would say this comes in the “medium coverage” category.

Final Word: Terrible packaging, comes only in a single shade, not suitable for skin types which are prone to break outs (and otherwise either!!), this foundation is not worth your money!! There are many other, better matte finish foundations available in the market and it is okay to spend a hundred or two hundred bucks more on a good foundation than to get this one!!