Lotus PureStay Norishing Foundation with SPF 20: Hazelnut Star: Review

By Rmyah

There are days when everything goes so smoothly that at the end of the day we come to regret that the day has indeed come to an end. Then there are those days where nothing seems to go the way you want them to go. Everything that you do or want to do ends up becoming the worst thing you have ever done. On days such as the latter, makeup comes to my rescue!

Silly, isn’t it, how we girls end up relating everything to makeup? But then again, God made us this way.

On bad hair days, or bad traffic days, or bad work days or just plain bad days, “I Feel Up” ( I just cannot get the jingle out of my head ) when I look good. Unless I really, really love a product, I wouldn’t give it space on my “I Feel Up” list.

One such beauty is my Lotus Purestay foundation. Oooohh! “I feel Up” whenever I even think of it. One product guaranteed to make me look good.


I am NC42 in MAC and I am a very, very close match to Hazelnut Star in the Purestay. It probably is a bit darker than my skin tone but then I tan real easy…so there.

The Purestay range claims to be a preservative free long wear range. Here is what Lotus claims about the Purestay Nourishing Foundation:

All day wear, non-oily foundation that gives skin the ultimate weightless coverage. This new luminous formula hydrates skin, diminishes appearance of fine lines without clogging pores, delays ageing and offers broad spectrum UV protection SPF 20.

Preservative free? Would you believe it? I somehow am a little biased and would say probably not. But maybe less harmful than the others. So yes, in a way “Preservative Free”.

Price: For a brand that makes affordable makeup, the Purestay range is a tad bit on the higher side of the price scale. But at INR 595, the Lotus Purestay foundation is probably the best affordable foundation.


Packaging: I’m not a big fan of the Purestay packaging. With the shiny pink plastic (faux metal) cap and base, it’s just not my type. But then looks don’t matter when the product delivers. The bottle has a transparent torso through which you can see your shade…very helpful when you can’t swatch it to match it. 

It comes with a pump dispenser with a nozzle exposed to all that’s flying around in the air….. (ewwww germs) …no way to lock the pump inside the nozzle, so, again, a minus!


Lasting Power: The Purestay Range is a long wear range so we should expect nothing less than a long wearing foundation. In an air conditioned environment with absolutely no physical movement, the foundation lasted a full fourteen hours on me. I think a little body movement causes a little more melting 😛 But then Expecting anything less than 8 hours from this baby is an insult to it 😀 Cheers.


Coverage, texture and finish: This beauty gives an oil free , matte coverage which I absolutely adore. Though the overactive sebaceous glands in my nose beg to differ. It is a dream to blend in and on days when I don’t want an expensive MAC coating my face, I most definitely opt for this darling. Full Coverage buildable = Full Marks.


Good points:

  • Oil Control…yes…it’s my favourite
  • Medium to full coverage…we can of course build, build, build it up
  • Affordable? yes/no/maybe…I like it 🙂
  • Long wearing….don’t we all want a full day coverage…hee hee!
  • Preservative free….I’m not really sure about this one though :/

Bad Points:

  • Hate the packaging…not a fan of the shiny pink (ewwww) 
  • Ummm….i guess that’s all I could come up with… :O

Would I repurchase it: Most definitely, the minute I finish this one (which should happen some time next week :P)

My Rating: 4.5/5 ( hate hate hate the packaging, love love love the product)

Overall Opinion: Amazing product for daily use and I love it to the core. Does not break me out, controls my oil wells 😉 and blends like a dream. Oh and did I mention it Smells like Roses. *Dreamy Eyed*