NYX Soft Matte Lip Cream: Addis Ababa: A Hero or a Villian??

I’ve always fantasized about a hero who loves  me for who I am and kind of looks over my negatives. One such product (or so I thought) that was the hero(ine???) in my lip products stash was the NYX Soft Matte Lip Cream in Addis Ababa

Price: $6 (approx 300 INR)

The color is a bright hot pink with a blue undertone which spells  FUN!

The lip cream comes in a tube just like a lipgloss. A doe foot wand is what is given for application which I think serves the purpose effectively!

In terms of formulation, the Lip Cream scores BIG TIME!! I would call this luxury on the lips because of its light weight formula and the way it glides on the lips. Like they’ve mentioned on the tube, it is neither a lipstick nor a gloss. It is just a perfect combination of the two I would say!

The lip cream, as it is called glides on my lips like a dream irrespective of how horrible it is. (hurrah! for the hero! :D). BUT exfoliating is a necessary step before applying this soft matte lip cream because even though it glides on like a dream, after it dries and mattify-es (if there is such  word! :P) it emphasizes the dryness and roughness and the fine lines on the lips (Curse the Villian!! :P)

The staying power is good but not something I’d rave about!! But one thing I can say for sure is, I can have lunch, a coffee and probably a snack and lick my lips and still be sure that the lip cream is there!! It lasted on me for 5 hours which is good but not great (considering the formulation is so good!!). Infact after that there is a faded stain on the lips which looks uneven but I would still say it is a pretty sight!! 😉

Final Word: NYX Matte Lip Cream in Addis Ababa is a hero in a way, in terms of formulation (glides on beautifully on the lips and excellent staying power) but is a Villian when you least expect it!!! (read emphasizes fine lines, dry and chapped lips). But overall a little prep work could ensure this lipstick still remains a hero!