Kryolan Blusher: Youth Red: Review/Swatch/FOTD

“Unless you work in a circus as a clown why would you wear a red blusher?” my cousin asked. I thought I had just the answer for her in my vanity, the Kryolan Blusher in Youth Red. I knew it would change her mind about how gorgeous a red blush can look. I was wrong. The color in the pan scared her out of her wits. 😛

Kryolan Blusher in Youth Red is priced at 350 INR for 2.5g. I’ve already reviewed Kryolan Blusher in Lake and all the details in general about Kryolan blushers are given in that post.

My cousin was right in her own way. From a beginner’s point of view, the red (more of a reddish orange) does look really scary in the pan and knowing how pigmented Kryolan blushers are, one can easily have sunburnt red cheeks!! So what made me buy it?? Well, of course the unique color!!
Youth Red is a combination of two of my favourite colors. It is a red with an orange undertone. Don’t get intimidated by the color because if used sparingly and applied with a light hand, it can offer a beautiful color to the cheeks. The color will suit all skintones although people with extremely fair skintones might have to use it very very very sparingly. 😀 
How I use it: I take very little on my blush brush, tap off the excess and define my cheeks with it and then I build up on the color.
Kryolan Blushers are powder blushers but slightly creamy and very smooth in texture but these are a little difficult to blend. (The general name used by Kryolan for these kinds of blushers is “dry rouge”.  Kryolan defines it as follows: Kryolan Dry Rouge is a color-intensive compact rough on a cream-powder base. The fine, micronized product assures a pleasant velvety feeling on the skin.) Oh!! and use only a brush to apply this blush otherwise you’ll end up with stained fingers. 😛 Besides that even though it is slightly creamy fingers don’t work. A brush is a must for applying Kryolan blushers.

Here’s how it looks on me:

I’ve applied it quite heavily because my camera wasn’t picking up the color!! :/

The color lasts all day long on the cheeks. And it doesn’t fade which is also a bonus point.  

Final word: I would recommend Youth Red to those of you who are not afraid of experimenting with blushers. For beginners, R6 (review coming soon!) is a really good option. A good brush, light handed application and blending are a must to make this blusher work. 

Btw! These blushers were initially made with the intention of providing quality theatrical makeup so I am not surprised if this was made with clowns in mind!!