Easy peasy stripes!: Nail art tutorial

Divassence’s 1st giveaway Entry #11 by Shruthi

Hi all!

Here is my third nail art!

I have used Maybelline Coloroma in Chic as base coat and Avon Simply Pretty nail color in Champagne Shimmer for the design. And you will need some cellotape strips.

STEP 1: Paint your nails with the base color. I have painted two coats. And let the base paint dry completely before sticking the cellotape.

STEP 2: Cut thin strips of cellotape and paste it across your nails. I ve used 3 strips for each nail. So you will need 15 small strips for 5 fingers. To make thin cellotape strips, cut the cellotape strip along its length into 3 smaller strips.

STEP 3: Now paint the gaps in between cellotape strips with the glittery color (Avon simply pretty in champagne shimmer). Don’t worry if the painting gets messy. Once the cellotape is removed, the design will be neat.

STEP 4: After the glittery paint dries up, gently remove the cellotape and finish off with a top coat!! And you are ready with a fabulous nail art!!

No dotting tool, no nail art brush, just a little bit of patience 🙂

Hope that was easy!!

And for those who noticed, the base coat in the middle finger is slightly chipped! Sorry about that! 😀