A Simple and Quick Nail Art for Beginners

Divassence’s 1st Giveaway! Entry #8 by Meenu

Hi ladies, today I sat down to do some nail art on my not-so-big nails but at the same time was feeling little lazy too. But my laziness still made a way to simple yet presentable design.

So want to share my simple nail art with you guys too. Let’s start with cleaning and painting the nails with transparent nail paint.

After that make an “S” with pink nail paint in the middle of the nail and fill one half of your nail (left half or right half, doesn’t matter). Like this:

I have used Lotus ColorDew “Pink Doll” here.

Now, paint the other half with opaque brownish color. This is the correction step actually. If you couldn’t make a perfect “S” with the pink color or you’ve painted more than the half of your nail with pink color (which, by the way, happened with me), you can correct it with brown color. Don’t worry brown being the darker color won’t let pink to show from beneath.

Sorry, I couldn’t show the picture of this step as the pictures didn’t come out well. No problem you’ll get the idea from next step also.

After both the colors are dried, draw a line at the meeting point of the two colors with some dark color. I’ve used black color. To draw the line use your painting brush, the thin one. These brushes can be easy found at stationary. By the way I’ve used my old liner’s brush. Before throwing away my old eye liner, I kept its brush to do nail art. You can also use the brush of your liner that you don’t use anymore. See this:

My design has become neater, isn’t it? That’s the magic of the black line (you’ll know when you’ll make it). This line will make the colors more distinguished and clean. I’ve used Lotus colordew “Peach perfect” as brown color and some local black nail paint.

Now, you can finish your design here by sealing with transparent nail paint. But to add some glamour, I have sealed it with glitter nail paint. Look:

And its done!! Simple isn’t it? Yet I find it cute not just presentable. For beginners this will be a safe bet.

I’ve tried using some sober color also in place of black to see if it can become less loud.

But I think black was better. What do you think?