50 Random Facts About Me: Part 1

Hello!!So this week’s Weekly Ramblings has taken a backseat and I’m here to share with you 50 (or rather 25 in this post!) random facts about me. Yep, this is one of those posts which would be mighty useful to you and you would benefit loads from the rubbish I’m telling you about myself! 😛 *smirk @ myself*  Enjoy!

  1. I write with my left hand. Yep, I’m a leftie 😀
  2. I’m a pure vegetarian. Errrr… I ocassionally have a scrambled egg. Is that even counted??
  3. I’m a very reserved person. It takes me ages to open my mouth and start a conversation with a stranger.
  4. It’s the same with making friends. I used to make friends very easily but now I have trust issues so it takes me very long to accept a person as a friend.
  5. At the same time, I’m very independent as a person. That gives me the freedom to talk and say whatever i want if I don’t like something.
  6. I love cooking and I can watch cookery shows 24*7. I have a notebook filled with recipes which I’m hoping to pass on to my kids and grandkids.
  7. Speaking of kids and grandchildren, I’ve saved a lot of things to give them. I’m very sentimental when it comes to this. Apart from this, I never plan my future. I live for the moment.
  8. Dark chocolate and white chocolate are my favourites when it comes to chocolates.  I hate milk chocolate!
  9.  I love anything with pineapple cream in it. Pineapple cream biscuits, wafers anything and everything! My    granddad used to get them for me every week when i was a kid and the tradition still continues.
  10. Continuing the topic of cream biscuits, I love separating the biscuits, licking the cream off and then eat the biscuits slowly. It takes me 10 minutes to finish a cream biscuit!! I also take my own sweet time to peel off the outside layer of the twist-y sticks (or whatever those are called!!) and then eat the cream. It’s the same with Kit Kat!! I dissect everything before I eat!! 
  11. Back in school, I was the school magazine editor when I was in class 12.
  12. I also worked for a year as a content creator when I was in college and earned my own pocket money! 😀
  13. I love post it notes!! I have them in all shapes and sizes!! And I also have a Sticky notes app on my phone!! hahaha 😀
  14. I have a brother who is 6 years younger than me. His name is Ranjan 🙂
  15. I have 4 piercings on my left ear and 3 on my right.
  16. I got my nose pierced without my parents’ knowledge when I was doing my under grad. My mom loved it but I was scared my dad would get angry so my mom and I lied to him for a month saying it was a stone sticker. Bwahahahaha and of course we got away with it! 😉
  17. I’m very sensitive and I get offended easily. If someone says something that offends me, I do not keep quiet. I talk back and I’ve lost a lot of friends because of this.
  18. My dad has taken me on his official trips to Mumbai just to make sure I had a haircut when I was a kid. My mom loved my long hair but my dad always inisisted on convenience. So I had my haircuts at 5 star hotels as a kid. 😛
  19. I love giving and receiving gifts. There is nothing else that gives me immense joy and happiness than opening gifts (and also packing them!!)
  20. I hate shopping for clothes. Trying them on before buying is like a punishment!
  21. My sunsign is Pisces.
  22. I don’t drive. Balance is a major issue for me. I can’t even cross a road properly!
  23. My favourite colors are black and blue. Orange is my favourite color only when it comes to makeup.
  24. I had burgundy highlights when I was in class 11.
  25. I love dancing. I learnt bharathnatyam for 4 years and I’ve been a part of dance programmes back in school and college.
And a few pictures to make this post slightly more interesting:
Sticky notes app!!
Editor of my school magazine! 🙂
Dissect and eat is my policy!
Hope you enjoyed this post! Part 2 will be up next Saturday and if there is anything specific you would like to know about me, do leave your questions in the comments section below! xoxo