What’s In My Bag?

The mystery of what women want and what we carry in our bag continues. Whenever I carry a big bag, people around me are always curious to know what is inside and when I carry a small one they are surprised as to what I carry in such a tiny bag! People I tell ya! And the worst so called joke I always encounter is “OMG!! Your bag is so big!! I think I can fit myself inside!!” Yeah jack ass, that was the sole purpose of me  carrying a bag you see but just that I found better things to put inside!! 😛

I change my bag according to my dress and my mood. If I feel like co-ordinating my dress and my bag then I’ll go all the way out to do it but there are days when I would just carry something just for the heck of carrying one!

In terms of makeup and skincare products I take while going out, I try and keep it minimal in the summer season. I only carry my sunscreen, deodorant  a matte pressed powder, a kabuki brush, a hair serum and the lipstick I’m wearing on that particular day. Okay that isn’t much considering how much I carry otherwise 😛 

Bright color and quirky prints define who I am. I carry money (notes) in the turquoise wallet and coins in the cute little pink coin pouch. I bought the wallet from some random shop in Chennai (don’t remember the name!) and the coin pouch is from Chumbak.

The moment I step out of the house, my sunglasses finds its place on my face. I cannot step out without this one!! I bought this Fastrack one at half the rate thanks to some points I had at Titan and I found this to be comfortable and covering a good part of my face apart from my eyes! Oh the perks of having a round face!! 😀

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I also keep a lens case and lens solution in my bag.

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I always carry a 1 litre bottle filled with room temperature water while going out. This makes my otherwise light bag pretty heavy. Nevertheless, it is a form of exercise carrying my handbag around. Talk about weightlifting at no cost! 😛

I carry products which I’m trying, which need to be photographed in this transparent pouch with a pink and white stripe zipper.

Essentials such as a hand sanitizer, comb, tissues are always found in abundance in my bag. I also carry my pendrive.

I also carry a clear file cum pouch which contains a few envelopes, a pen, pencil, stapler, a gift bag, my card holder, a small notepad and my blog idea book. Never know where we might find inspiration!! 😀

All my bills go into this clear pouch which I clear out every week. I haven’t photographed my mobile and my mp3 player which without doubt is always in my bag when I leave home.

Doing this post has reminded me to put two things in my to-do list: Get my basic brown bag’s handle repaired and get myself a pepper spray! A must have for all of us especially in today’s unsafe times!

So what’s inside your hadbag?