MAC Scarlet Ibis Lipstick: Review/Swatch/LOTD

 Maybe I’m the last one on this planet to review the lipsticks in the MAC Marilyn Monroe collection! With the Archies collection launching here on the 25th of this month (day after tomorrow) probably the MM collection isn’t even available at the stores anymore! But still I wanted to share my opinion on these lipsticks (one here and one to go!) and tell you guys how much I love them!

Price: 1050 INR (I know the price is pretty steep for a lipstick but the color is so gorgeous!! I had to get it!!)

Scarlet Ibis is one lipstick that has haunted me whenever it was a part of any collection. I was unsure as to whether I could pull off such a bright color but I desperately wanted it!! And needless to say whenever I decided to get this one it was always out of stock and needless to say the collection was over and done with. So when the MM collection was out in stores I got this one without giving it a thought!! *wear it as a lip stain, wear it mildly.. you’ll be fine* was what I told myself!!

MAC Scarlet Ibis is not your typical orange – it has a strong tone of red to go with the orange which makes it suitable for every skintone. The color is so bright and strong that you HAVE to tone down the rest of your makeup to nearly NIL if you want to wear this full on. And I’m not kiddin’!

Being a matte finish lipstick, surprisingly this one is creamy and glides on the lips much better than the other MAC matte lipsticks (I’m referring to MAC So Chaud). It doesn’t dry out my lips but exfoliation is a must before applying this lipstick.

MAC lipsticks have this strong vanilla scent (a trademark of MAC lipsticks I must say!) but the fragrance isn’t as strong as the Colorbar Velvet Matte lipsticks! (I need to hold my breath while applying those!).

In terms of coverage, this one gives you a full coverage on one swipe. The lipstick lasted on me for 6 hours straight and then faded into a deep dull reddish orange color on my lips.


swiped once
I usually line my lips with the MAC Prolong Wear Lip Liner in Throw Me a Line before applying MAC Scarlet Ibis. Sometimes the lip liner and the lipstick as a stain is more than enough for a night out!!

 And finally, couldn’t resist sharing this picture of the Scarlet Ibis!! Look at the awesome color!! And to know that I own a lipstick in this color feels… (fill in the blanks!!) 😀 😀