Weekly Ramblings: Round 8

Hello people!

How is your weekend coming along? Mine has been pretty good till now! Will tell you all about that in another post since I have so much to share with you!! Since last two weeks were dedicated to 50 Facts About Me, I thought I’ll put together a compilation of what I’ve been up to for the past 3 weeks! And yes there are a lot of food pictures!! 😀

Navrathri is celebrated in India this time of the year. Navrathri means nine nights where we worship Goddess Durga. In the South the nine days mark the period of “golu” where we arrange dolls on a series of steps (the steps are usually in odd numbers say, 3,5,7 or 9) and usually have a theme which we recreate.
1st Row: Pic 1,2: The entire golu at my place; 3: temple gopuram (a large pyramidal tower like structure over the gate of a temple) made by me;  2nd Row: 4: Sorga Vasal (gate of heaven)made by me; 5: Parthasarathy temple 6: the decorations were done by me

Golu actually means Divine Presence and so the dolls associated with Indian mythology grace us with their divine presence. This is an occasion where we invite people home, sing bhajans and celebrate. This continues for 9 days and then we dismantle it and pack it in such a way that it is reusable the following year. This year’s theme was based on Lord Perumal (an incarnation of Lord Vishnu) in remembrance of my granddad who passed away in May. He wanted to visit a particular Perumal temple but unfortunately he passed away before we could take him.

I had spoken in detail about my aunt’s visit to Chennai and my haul here. BUT the most important part was saved for Weekly Ramblings!! She brought one of my favourite biscuits called Fruit Biscuits from Karachi Bakery!! These are so yummy!! Each bite is heaven!! There are these sticky tutti frutties in between which make it just so divine!! And do not judge me by the picture below. The box was full the night my aunt gave it to my mom and this was what was remaining the next day courtesy my brother!! 😛

I don’t know how many of you play Subway Surfer but I absolutely love the game!! And there is a new Halloween version of it which I’m currently loving!!
Remember I had mentioned about going to Barbecue Nation for lunch in the Weekly Ramblings: Round 7 post? Well, I thought I should share some pictures in this post. Better late than never! I go there mainly for the Cajun Spiced Potatoes. Fried potatoes in mayo and a few spices (paprika seems to be one of them!) is what that basically is and it is one of the yummiest starters I’ve ever had! I have multiple servings of this one and skip main course. By the way, prices have increased!! Boohoo! :'(
L to R: The menu card; Pomegranate Passion Fruit Martini (hic!), Cajun Spiced Potatoes, Boohoo! Price increase!
The day I went was the last day of a food festival that was happening there. Kitchen Carnival Express, as it was called was a culmination of Maharashtrian and a few other cuisines. The people who served us food even performed a dance to promote the food festival!
That’s it from my side this time! Do let me know how your week went by and your plans for Sunday!