Weekly Ramblings: Round 7

So how is the weekend coming along? Mine has been good so far. Watched a much anticipated Tamil movie, looking forward to a good lunch at BBQ Nation tomorrow and pampering my skin to some good masks and scrubs! Life can’t get any better! 🙂 


I’m known among my friends as a movie critic. Why? Because from technical aspects to costumes to dialogues and its delivery I scan everything and rip a movie apart. (Thinking of starting a blog for movie reviews btw! Let me know your opinion! :D) I’m the kind of person who as a kid, used to eat only when my mom played a video tape of my favourite Kamal Hassan movie. I watch every movie in the theatre and if I love the movie, I watch it almost everyday. And yes, I love “feel good” movies. So the highly anticipated Tamil movie (the hype in TamilNadu was crazy and not to mention the sleepless nights I had thinking about the movie!) Raja Rani released yesterday and of course I watched it. The movie, which belongs to the romance genre was really good. I could identify myself with the characters and I cried at the end of the movie (never happens btw!). I don’t know how the South Indian audience will relate to such a movie, since these kind of movies usually tend to do well only in A centres (multiplexes). But I’m definitely watching it again. And they show MAC makeup stuff at the beginning of the movie!!  Nayantara, the heroine’s makeup, clothes and her big hair looked fabulous and Arya (I had a HUUUUGEEE crush on him back in college and I’ve done some crazy things, which I’ll talk about if I write a movie based blog :P) rocked!!

Phew! That was one huuuge paragraph! I can go on and on about a particular topic if someone doesn’t stop me! 😛 I wanted to share pictures of these really cute nail art stuff i bought recently. These are so adorable and the tiny bottles they come in are even more adorable! I also sent a few to Janani for her birthday. She is a total nail polish and nail art buff! (pun intended! :P)


I keep showing you pictures of flowers that grow in my terrace so this time I thought I’ll show you my much loved plants in the terrace. There is everything from Jasmine, Hibiscus to Aloe Vera, Chillies, Tulsi and many more! I love sitting in the terrace and spending time just looking at them, admiring the flowers, the way the plant has grown and just the tiny percentage of greenery in my terrace makes me happy. 
Coffee Day now has a rack full of books for sale and I’m so tempted to get a few of these! I love reading and I find that reading makes me calm and gives me inner peace and even if I read one page a day, I find myself to enjoy the day much more than usual. Do any of you feel the same way? 
That’s it for this week! And no food pictures! 😛 If you would like to see 50 Facts About Me as the next Weekly Ramblings post, please comment below 🙂
Ciao! <3