Weekly Ramblings: Round 2

I’m back with Round 2 of my weekly ramblings! Since last week, I’ve been photographing anything exciting I do and I have to thank people around me for having the patience to put up with my over enthusiasm. So off to what I did this week and my favourites!

1. Dark Temptation and Scrabble @ Barista: Since 2006, Dark Temptation has been a favourite. Dark Temptation is a combination of 3 of the “mass” favourites. A yummy slice of chocolate cake, a scoop of vanilla icecream and a dollop of whipped cream and all 3 drizzled with chocolate sauce. It’s a marriage made in heaven!!Scrabble is my favourite board game (Monopoly comes second and Pictionary third! :D)  So as soon as I spotted the board at the coffee shop, I jumped up in joy. I stared at people warning them that if they took it they’ve had it! It was actually as scary as Gollum’s  (only hissing My Preciousss was missing!!) and grabbed it before anyone else could. :PDark Temptation and Scrabble.. 2 hours on Ramzan well spent!

2. My obsession with ear piercing!: My obsession with getting my ears pierced to wear multiple earrings started when I was in Class 11. Each ear had 7. Finally as of now, I have 4 on my left ear and 3 on my right. It wasn’t a conscious decision to have it that way. It just happened and I’m loving it!

3. Lunch @ Cream Centre: I love the food at Cream Centre. When I went for lunch last week I deviated from my usual choices and tried the sizzlers. They were oookkkaay; not as good as the Indian menu though. American corn cheese balls is a staple starter. 😀 😀 Can’t leave Cream Centre without having a plate of these!! 😀

3. Sridevi on the latest edition of Vogue!: Timeless beauty Sridevi showed off her wild, sexy, sultry side which according to me didn’t work. It needs to look effortless which is missing in this case! The good teacher gone bad fails big time!

4. Minion Rush: Minion Rush is the new Subway Surf in my dictionary! I enjoy playing this one!!

So how was your week? It is Sunday tomorrow? Any special plans? 🙂