Weekly Ramblings: Round 11

Hello!! 😀

The last two weeks have been pretty hectic with all the changes happening on the blog. I hope you guys like the new look. 🙂 And by the way, who is ready for some pizza? Well, get ready to be overloaded with food pictures today! 😀

How many of you like the pizza at Pizza Hut? I’m not a huge fan of the pizzas there. I somehow feel they are overpriced and overrated!! The pasta was decent but the quantity did not justify the price at all!! I love the Garden Fresh Salad there and that’s it.

There is a chain of pizzerias  in Chennai called Pizza Republic and I find this to be the most underrated but best place in terms of prices, quality and service! The crust of the pizzas are customized according to your need and it is rolled out right in front of you (atleast that’s how it was done in the outlet I went to!). The crust was unbelievably soft yet crunchy and the toppings were fresh!! The garlic bread was to die for and it was priced at 49 INR! I’ve also tried pizzas at Papa Johns (I always thought it was Jones!!, Little Italy, Tuscana and Dominoes but Pizza Republic is my favourite at the moment!!

If you had read the previous post, you would have known what happens when two beauty bloggers meet. Apart from shopping we also spent a good hour at Cafe Coffee Day where I had my usual Cafe Americano and Ghayathri had CCD Indulgence and Iced Eskimo. Here are the pictures of what we had! 😀
CCD Indulgence: Indulgence Indeed!!
Ghayu’s shopping bag! P.S: This is what happens when two bloggers meet!
And finally here is a look at my haircut! I’m super happy with the result! I was sick and tried of the usual style and my hair was in such a miserable state that I had to get it cut!! People who saw me after the haircut did not recognize me. My mom thought it looked smart so the reactions were mixed till now. What do you guys think?

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