VIVO Cosmetics Baked Blusher: Cinnamon Glow: Review/Swatch/LOTD

I have a soft corner (and most of the time, where relevant, a huge appetite) for anything baked. Imagine a chocolate cupcake with a mint chocolate chip frosting or a red velvet one with a cream cheese frosting.. mmmm.. but what’s even better are the baked blushers from VIVO Cosmetics, especially Cinnamon Glow! I wouldn’t trade this one for anything, baked or otherwise!

VIVO Cosmetics is a UK brand that I discovered recently and I’m loving the blushers from this brand! The baked blushers are the best among the rest and Cinnamon Glow is THE one every girl should have.
Price: £4 for 8g
Packaging: The blush comes in the usual but a flat blush pan with a transparent lid.
Let me start off by telling you that the quantity you get for the price is HUGE. It is enough to last you a lifetime even if you use it on a day-to-day basis!
Color: Cinnamon Glow is a blush that has a dirty mauve-y-pink undertone and imparts a soft glow when used. It has shimmer which isn’t really visible on the cheeks. This kind of color is the best choice for pairing with bold lip colors, be it warm or cool or if you decide to do a dramatic eye look, then the subtle color and gorgeous glow this provides enhances the entire look!
Pigmentation: The blush can be used to give just a glow to perk up your skin or built up to give you color. I would definitely compare it to the MAC Mineralize Blusher in Warmth of Coral. It is THAT good and comes at £4!
Texture: The blush is really soft and doesn’t feel gritty despite the presence of shimmer. It blends easily on the skin.
The blush lasted on me for about 6 hours after which it disappeared completely and that includes the shimmer! So I love the fact that the shimmer isn’t left behind and I don’t end up looking like a disco ball.
swiped once
Final Word: Cinammon Glow is one of those blushers that will go well with anything, be it a bold look where all you want is a glow on your cheeks or a understated look where a hint of color wouldn’t look out of place. This one is a versatile blush that scores in all departments and gets a perfect 10 from me!