Tip and Tricks for Summer Kicks!: Get That Glow!

Summer is here! And guess what? It has fully succeeded in making people rant about skin issues, break outs, dehydration and what not!! So here are 4 simple well known tips to maintain/get a glowing skin this summer, but that are often need to be reminded because these are a few things we tend to take for granted. So getting that glowing (and not greasy) skin this summer  is just 4 steps away!!                                                         

Stay Hydrated and Eat Light: Your skin is like a mirror. If your body lacks water, it shows. Your skin becomes dull, flaky and dry. It is important to drink atleast an additional litre of water to your usual “so many” litres of water consumption during summer. You can achieve your target by including these in your diet: vegetable juice, green tea or just plain simple lemon juice. Avoid fruit juices as it will spike up your sugar levels.

Incorporate a lot of vegetables and fruits in your diet that have plenty of water content and avoid oily, spicy food.

Invest In The Right Skin and Hair Care Products: Investing in the right products helps you achieve 50% of your objective. Here’s my essentials checklist for summer:

  • A good sunscreen ( preferably with an SPF of 50) 
  • A gentle face scrub (My reccommendations would be Lush Angels On Bare Skin, Lakme Clean Up Face Scrub and The Nature’s Co. Coffee Scrub)
  • A hydrating lotion (those with oily skin can go in for a water based one) (My reccommendation: Cetaphil Moisturizing Lotion for those of you who have dry skin)
  • A skin lightening/anti-tan pack/ lotion (Vaseline Healthy White Lotion) 
  • A mild everyday shampoo and conditioner

Minimal Makeup: Its best to let your skin breathe during this season and give heavy makeup a backseat. Again, when it comes to makeup, here’s what my minimal makeup consists of:

  • A Tinted Moisturizer/BB cream:  (In terms of base makeup this should do but for those with oily skin, you can add a matte powder) 
  • A Powder Blush: A cream blush is a huge NO-NO for summers since it makes your skin look oilier and greasier. 
  • Waterproof Mascara: That’s pretty self explanatory!! 
  • A Lipstick with a decent staying power: A matte lipstick would be a wise choice. 

Top it off with some Ice!: Always have flavored ice in your freezer. This has multiple uses and keeps your skin fresh and rejuvenated. A detailed post on this one here.

Hope you found this useful. Do share your tips in the comments section below 🙂