Maybelline Dream Matte Powder: Review

Why would someone with dry skin buy a matte powder is what anybody who has read my previous posts on how I have extreme dry skin will ask. But let me tell you that even the driest of the dry skin tend to turn a little oily in the T-zone during summers! My nose and that part of the forehead just above the starting of my eyebrows and my chin have turned oily this summer (there is a first for everything you know!! :P)
When Maybelline launched their new Dream line the first thing (along with the foundation) I bought was the Matte Powder from the range. 

What Maybelline Claims: 
Price: 475 INR
Quantity: 9g
There is enough quantity to last a lifetime. Being a pressed powder there is no wastage while applying it on the face and a swiping your brush once on the powder will cover the entire face.
The packaging is extremely travel friendly. It has an inbuilt mirror and a powder puff.
How I use it: I take a little on my powder puff/brush and dab it ONLY on the oily parts of my face. I don’t use it all over my face. 
If you have oily skin then you can dab a little all over your face except your cheeks. Apply your blush and lightly dab the excess matte powder on the puff/brush on your cheeks. This would keep your makeup intact for the day.
I need to reapply the powder every 6 hours. The lasting powder is good enough for me. However  I do have a few things which I dislike with respect to this one.
The limited availability of shades is one thing I disliked. There are only three shades and the darkest one of the three might be very light for a lot of us. Thankfully it worked perfectly for me.
It is NOT a transparent/translucent powder. Sometimes whenever I use this on certain parts of my face I feel it looks whiter than the others. So I use very little and swirl the powder into my skin. That keeps the color of my face even.
The price is a little on the higher side (considering the other products from Maybelline are priced at much lesser rates) but the quantity is enough to last forever so that shouldn’t be an issue. It is a one-time investment  😀
Can you believe this was the darkest shade available??
Overall I would recommend this to all of you. It is a good travel friendly matte powder which might just be what you need in summer! (It is still summer in Chennai fyi! :P)