The Body Shop Vanilla Bliss Body Butter: Review

How many of you have watched/ watch Breaking Bad? Well if you do, then here is a quote by Bryan Cranston aka Walter White in Breaking Bad that might interest you. “If you like vanilla, you’re not going to like ‘Breaking Bad’ – you need to like a specific flavor that is unusual, that is different, that takes risks.” I totally disagree with the notion of vanilla being synonymous to normal, plain and boring! Seriously?? Have you tried The Body Shop’s Vanilla Body Butter? Then you would know that vanilla is an unusual flavor which well, not exactly makes you take risks but surprises you in many ways. By the way, I love Vanilla as a fragrance and I love Breaking Bad so beat it!

What is it?

A limited edition body butter from The Body Shop

Price and Quantity: 1295 INR for 6.9 oz (approx 200 gms) since it is limited edition; TBS body butters otherwise cost 1095 INR


What the company claims:
Our iconic Body Butter in a limited-edition festive fragrance. It melts straight in to leave skin feeling softer and smoother.

  • 24-hour hydration
  • Rich vanilla scent
  • Leaves skin feeling softer and smoother
  • Limited edition

TBS Body Butter in Vanilla Bliss is as blissful as it can get. It has a sweet vanilla fragrance which is slightly strong when applied and lingers on mildly after 4 hours.

The body butter is very thick in terms of consistency and so thick it is that I could take a piping bag and ice my chocolate cake with it! Given the amazing fragrance I would do it if only it was edible. 😛 It needs to be massaged into your skin for it to disappear completely.

If you have dry skin this might work best for you and will keep your hands, feet and what not moisturized throughout the day. If you have normal to oily skin you need to use very little and that will suffice! I also bought TBS Vanilla body mist for layering purpose. The scent lingers the entire day and this has become my signature fragrance for work!


  • The amazing vanilla fragrance
  • Moisturizes even the driest of skins!
  • Does not feel sticky


  • Vanilla Bliss is a limited edition * curses! *
  • The heavy price tag
1: Before: My dry bare skin 
2: THE body butter!!
3. After
4. My glistening skin! 😛

Rating: 4.5/5

Final Word:If I could write a petition to TBS to make this particular fragrance permanent I would. I absolutely love this particular body butter with respect to every single aspect! End of story. 😉