Swatch Attack!: MAC Shop MAC/Cook MAC Collection: Blusher swatches

Finally the MAC Shop MAC/Cook MAC Collection is in stores in Chennai! Last weekend the MAC Store in Chennai still had the huge billboard which featured the MatchMaster collection. So I went there with VERY little hope to see if the MAC Shop MAC collection was available. And I wasn’t disappointed this time! 🙂

L to R: Restores Dazzle!, Florida, Optimistic Orange

The three blushers available in this collection are cremeblend ones. They are not very creamy texture-wise and also they are matte. I have to say they are a delight to use and are not as glossy as the NYX ones (Yes I did buy a blush/ blushers from this collection! :P) The blushers are priced Rs 1350 each.

MAC’s description of the shades:
Florida (Repromoted): A bright coral
Optimistic Orange (Repromoted): A bright orange
Restores Dazzle!: Rich Plum

I took the first picture as soon as I swatched the three blushers on my hand. The next one was taken after 2-3 hours of roaming around the city in this hot weather. You can see that it fades but they still look gorgeous!

Frankly, the orange and hot pink ones are something we see in every brand nowadays! (I am saying this inspite of being an orange/coral lover!) My personal favourite in this collection is the Restores Dazzle! Blush.

Which one is your favourite shade ?