Space-Wise!: Travel Jewelry Storage

In the comments section on one of my Facebook posts, Aayushi had asked: “can u please share some ideas how cn i store my skin care, makeup, accessories while traveling?”  Several ideas popped up as

soon as this question was asked and I started working on it and realized that there was so much information to share that it had to be done in two parts!! 

So here is Part 1 of the series: Travel Jewelry Storage!

All the storage items mentioned in this post are store bought and none of these reflect my DIY skills. Travelling light and smart calls for efficient, portable, durable, multi-purpose and space-saving storage. 
Jewelry pouches: Jewelry pouches available in the market come with options for storing all kinds of jewelry. In the one shown below, there is space for necklaces, pouches for bangles, earrings and rings. You can also keep your hair clips in the zipper pouch. Versatile, saves space and all your jewelry is intact and the chances of breakage is minimal. 

Pill cases: This theory of when something is invented, it is used for everything else except the purpose for which it was created, exists. I believe in it. 😛 I use pill cases for storing several things and they are ideal to carry earrings, rings, pendants and chains. Pill cases come in different shapes and sizes so you can use one according to your requirement.

I usually carry the pill case shown below while travelling. The various compartments help keep the jewelry intact and it is easy to identify and pick them without the hassle of searching for the pair you want.

There are boxes and pouches available in the market for the purpose of storing specific types of jewelry.

Stud Earring boxes: You can read about these in detail in my post here.

Bangle pouches: Carrying bangles especially glass ones can be tricky while travelling. There are bangle pouches specifically available for this purpose.

Zip lock covers: If you do not find any of the pouches/pill cases above or you have only a day left to pack stuff and can’t hunt for these, then zip lock covers are your savior!! Wrap your necklaces in tissue paper and put them in zip lock covers and keep them in your suitcase in between your clothes. Similarly put your earrings in a small zip lock and store it in between your clothes. Or put all your zip locks filled with jewelry  in one pouch. Chances of breakage is less.

Lens cases: I’ve spoken so much about using lens cases as smart travel storage that I’m tired of writing it over and over again. You can read the post I wrote on them here. Of course, this isn’t a solution for a week or a 10 day trip but you can always keep this on hand in case you want to change earrings or add an accessory later in your day. 

Hope you liked this post. Comments, feedback and ideas are welcome. 🙂