How I Store My Earrings!

I gazed.. I drooled..
People thought I was a fool
Was it lust?

Was it love?
Or was it just a passing cloud?
Was it meant to be?
Would it be mine for everyone to see?
These are a few lines which go through my mind (although not in a poetic form :P) whenever
I see jewellery! I am obsessed with jewellery!! Whenever and wherever i see jewellery I can assure you that I dont walk away from that place without buying one!! So as my collection kept growing so did my mom’s anger and impatience!
My mom was fed up of my growing collection sans proper organization and i was banned from buying jewellery!! So I had to come up with a way of organizing my jewellery keeping in mind my mom’s demands and my laziness. When i saw this box with 24 compartments I thought it was the perfect solution for my earrings!! (will do posts on how i store my necklaces and bangles/bracelet also!) And I used the Health&Glow square cotton pads to protect my earrings in each of the compartments.

I have 5 of these boxes: 3 are for everyday wear earrings and 2 for heavy and grand earrings which i usually wear during special occasions.
A few of my earrings:
Everyday wear (a few of them)

Earrings for special occasions (a few of them)

Now this method was okay for long earrings but it was an issue for studs. I didn’t find it convenient to store studs in those clear plastic boxes. My mom was planning on disposing a few stud earring boxes and I grabbed the opportunity to take them to store my stud earrings!
I have a big blue one in which i store my white stone earrings and I have a few in various colors with enough space to store 6 pairs so I color coordinated my non-white stud earrings with the boxes (i.e the closest match).

The smaller boxes:

Now here since I don’t have a pink box, the closest match is a maroon one so I had no choice but to use that 😀

Hope this post was useful!

How do you store your earrings?

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