My first nail art: Gold and blue polka dot nail art tutorial

Divassence’s 1st Giveaway!: Entry #1 by Shruthi

Hi all! This is my first nail art entry for Divassence’s giveaway. Since it is my first nail art, kindly ignore my mistakes 🙂

Here’s what I used:

And here is the step by step procedure of my nail art.
First shape your nails and apply a top coat.
After the top coat dries, take a small strip of cellotape and paste it on the lower half of the nail.

Paste the cellotape strip on all nails.

 Now take the gold nail paint and paint it on the area which is not covered by the cellotape. The intention of pasting a cellotape half way through the nails is to keep the lower part of the nails clear.

Once the gold nail paint dries, gently peel off the cellotape. You will get a neat sharp half nail painted with gold.

Next take a dark or black nail paint ( I did not have black nail paint ) and put a drop of it on a paper.

Dip the dotting tool or an old ball point pen into the drop and put a dot on the gold painted part of the nail. Repeat this till the whole area is covered with dots.

Do the same on all nails and let dry.
Top it off with a top coat.

Hope you liked it.