Khadi Herbal Hair Oil With Bhringraj and Buransh: Review

Whenever I see hair oil bottles at a store, it reminds me of my childhood days. When I was young, my grandmom used to apply gingelly oil on my head, on Diwali, early in the morning. She would bless us with abundance of health, wealth and happiness. The tradition continues till date. Today’s review is that of a hair oil and it gives me immense happiness to write this review as it reminds me of the good ol’ days. 🙂

Price: 85 INR for 210 ml

Shelf Life: 2 years from the date of manufacture

Packaging: The hair oil comes in a transparent plastic bottle with a black flip-open cap. There is a paper stuck on the bottle with all the details, including ingredients. I find the cap to be flimsy and it needs to be stored upright since it is prone to leakage which means it isn’t a wise idea to carry this while travelling.

Details and Ingredients:

Khadi India is promoted by Gramodya Ashram and not only are their products sold in the Indian market, they are also exported to various countries. I have a few of their products and I would say that they are very safe to use, especially the soaps which are free of parabens. The oil which I’m reviewing today is the Khadi Herbal Hair Oil which has Bhringraj as the main ingredient.

Bhringraj (eclipta alba) is known to promote hair growth and improve the color of your hair (it supposedly makes it a rich black).

The hair oil is a betroot red color hair oil and has a strong nutty scent to it. I use very little (since Bhringraj is known for its cooling properties) and massage it on my scalp. I use normal coconut oil for the rest of my hair. The first time I used this one, I used it for my entire hair and I had a headache which refused to budge for two days. So those of you who are prone to frequent colds or have sinus issues use very little of this oil.

The oil is of a perfect consistency! It is easy to massage and a little quantity goes a long way.

I’ve been using this hair oil for quite sometime now and I love it!! I recently had a haircut and within 2 months my hair has grown back to quite an extent!! The color of my hair was brown (thanks to all the crazy experimentation I did in terms of coloring!!) and now I can notice that the brown color is slowly fading and my hair is regaining its original jet black color! My mom is overjoyed!! She hates it when I cut my hair or get my hair colored.

I had also mentioned about “dust dandruff” here and that too has disappeared! I’m a happy woman with healthy hair!! 😀

I used to make my own hair oil but now I don’t think I have the necessity to. I love this one!!

Final Word: HIGHLY RECCOMENDED!! If hair fall is a cause of worry for you, then get this one. You will have one less problem to worry about!