Colored Flowers Nail Art

Divassence’s 1st Giveaway Entry #13 by Meenu

Hello everyone, how are you doing?

Want to try some new nail art again? Today I am showing a symmetrical and neat yet uncomplicated nail art. 
Let’s start, shall we?

Paint your nail in a golden color. I’ve used Nail Trend “Earthy brown” shade. Nail trend is a brand of nail paint you’ll find only in Reliance stores 😛

Then with a light blue nail paint, I am using Lotus colordew “Deep Sea“, draw a flower on lower corner of the nail with the help of dots (remember the way we used to draw flower in childhood). I m using my nail art dotting tools but a toothpick will do an equally nice job.

Just draw the dot in the middle and sides, then stretch the outer dots to the inner middle one. Similarly, fill the rest of space with other colors flowers. I have drawn one maroon color full flower (with Revlon “Autumn Berry”) but to bring more joyful and colorful effect, I’ve drawn two half pink flowers at the opposite ends (using Lotus Colordew “Pink doll”).

This finishes our simple happy nail art. Finish it with the transparent nail paint and you are ready to rock 🙂