Blog Sale!

It’s time for a blog sale! Before that let me go over the terms and conditions so that it is easier for you and me.

  •  Sale of items will be on first come first served basis. You can bid for the products you want in the comment section below. There can be more than one bidder for one product. If the first bidder doesn’t make the payment within 36 hours (from the time this blog sale is live) then the product automatically goes to the second bidder.
  • Once you bid for the product in the comment section below, mail your confirmation to And once this step is done, I’ll send you my account details and the product will be marked SOLD.
  • All Products are used (either swatched or used) and the pictures below reflect the current condition of the product.  
  • Products shown here, will be dispatched to you in the same condition as shown in the pictures in the exact same packaging.
  • The blog sale is open to those who have a valid Indian Postal address. Shipping costs are 50 INR for buyers in Chennai and 80 INR for the rest of India.
  • Payment is accepted only via NEFT transfers. Direct deposits will be charged an additional 25 INR since the bank charges the payee for the transfers. 
  • The seller will not be responsible for loss in transit. The products will be packaged such that the products reach the buyer safely. Tracking IDs for your packages will be provided once the package is dispatched.
  • Please do not cancel your order. If that is done you will banned from future blog sales.
    Items sold will not be taken back for any reason nor will the amount be refunded.

There was also a suggestion to give reasons as to why I was selling these products.

  1. I’m making space for new products and I know that I wouldn’t be using these and I wanted to sell them as early as possible. All MUA and VIVO products were bought this year.
  2.  The Kryolan and Oriflame Blushers will expire in a year so I wanted to sell those. i wasn’t using the Oriflame one and I’m planning on getting a customized palette with the Kryolan blush and hence I’m selling the individual one. 

All the MUA and VIVO products were bought when the exchange rate was 1 pound = approx 91 INR  + shipping

MUA Blushers : All of them have been swatched 1-2 times; never used

Actual Price: £1 
Selling Price: 80 INR

Candyfloss, Lolly, Marshmallow, Bubble Gum, Bon Bon

VIVO Blush Highlighter Duo in Pink Primrose: Swatched twice, Used once: 
Actual Price: £2.39
Selling Price:  INR 160

VIVO Lacquer Shine Gloss in Fire: Used thrice; swatched twice
Actual Price: £1.99 
Selling Price: 100 INR 

MUA Power Pout: 
Rendezvous :  Swatched once; Used twice
Actual Price: £
Selling Price:  INR 120

Broken Hearted: Swatched once; Never used
Actual Price: £
Selling Price:  INR 150

Swatches of Rendezvous and Broken Hearted here

VIVO Radiant Boost Highlight: Swatched twice; Never Used  
Actual Price: £3.59
 Selling Price: 200 INR

Actual Price: £3
Selling Price: 100 INR 

Actual Price: £5
SP: 275

MUA Lipsticks: Actual Price:  £1

Shade 10: Swatched twice: Selling Price: 75

Shade 7: Swatched thrice; Used 3 times; Selling Price: 55 INR

Shade: 16 Nectar; Swatched twice ; Selling Price: 75 INR

Revlon Suede Lipstick in Preview: Swatched twice; Used thrice
 Actual Price: 650 INR
Selling Price: 300 INR 

Actual Price: 525 INR
Selling Price: 275 INR 

Oriflame Perfect Blush in Classic Rose: Swatched four-five times
Actual Price: 529 INR 
Selling Price: 100 INR 

Kryolan Blusher in Mandarin: Swatched four times; Used twice
Actual Price: 350 INR 
Selling Price: 230 INR