FAQ on Blog Sales!

It’s time for a blog sale on Divassence! but before that there are a few questions I would like to ask and a few issues I would like to clarify before I proceed. First, let me talk and then I’ll let you do the talking. 😉

FAQ and my answers to them!

Why are shipping charges so high?

Ladies, 50-60 rupees for packing the products safely (cost of bubble wrap, tape and the time taken to wrap it  included!) and sending it to you in a safe condition is not high. People who have received parcels from me know how much effort I put into packing. So fussing over something that would ensure that the product reaches you safely is not worth it. Would you rather have products that have reached you intact or broken products just because you refused to pay the extra buck for shipping? Shipping also includes packing. And once the parcel has been shipped, I am not responsible for it.

Can I pay once I get the money? Give me two weeks time.

Nope. Not happening. Two days tops otherwise the product goes to the next bidder. It isn’t possible to say this while shopping on an online site right? So as much as I want to treat the blog sale as a purely professional sale, I would expect the same from the bidders too.

Can I pre-book products?

Nope. Prices of products will be up on the day of the sale.  A preview will be posted on the blog before the sale though.

A few more things I would like to add:

  • Once I get a mail confirming the purchase, I would send a mail asking for the details like your address etc. I will ONLY ship the products once I get the money.
  • Only NEFT transfers would be accepted.
  • Pictures of how the products look as on the date of sale will be posted.
  • I will give you the tracking number once your parcel has been couriered.

I’m sorry for blatantly pointing these things out but I had to. I’ve seen so many problems arise in various blog sales and I want to avoid all that. If there is one thing I can guarantee, prices of the products I am selling will not be unreasonable and will be worth what the product is at the present condition so please do not bargain.

Now that I’m done (well.. I think so! If I remember anything more I’ll get back to updating it :D), it is time for you to tell me what you as buyers expect from a blog sale in general.