Are Sunscreens With Higher SPF Carcinogenic?

I have this habit of recommending products to people around me whether they ask for it or not. That is what beauty blogging has done to me and I don’t spare the men around me either. One fine day, when I started yakking like I usually do, I casually asked my brother if he uses a sunscreen and I told him about the various sunscreens available in the market with SPF of 50-100. And then the argument started.

He started off quietly listening to whatever I had to say and then casually mentioned that sunscreens with a high SPF are carcinogenic. I was flabbergasted! I actually went to the extent of confirming him as a clone of Sheldon (Big Bang Theory!!) but I still went ahead and googled it and what he said was true!

Here is what I understood from what I read. Although sunscreens with higher SPF provide better protection than ones with lower SPF (marginally), there are a few risks involved.

Oxybenzone which is used in sunscreens is a hormone disrupting chemical and when used, it penetrates in the skin and enters the blood stream.

Vitamin A and its various forms such as retinol and retinyl palmitate which are used in sunscreens are said to speed up skin cancer when exposed to light. Now Vitamin A is believed to slow the process of ageing of skin but when used in sunscreens it seems to a concern. According to research, when sunscreens are used and Vitamin A is exposed to lighting, it speeds up the cancer.

There are various articles online explaining all this in detail but this is what I’ve understood and of course, as a blogger wanted to share it with you all. 🙂

What are your thoughts on this?