A Simple Festive Nail Art!

Divassence’s 1st Giveaway Entry #5 by Shruti

Hello all!

First of all I would like to thank you all for a wonderful response for my first nail art, which led me to do
my second one.

So here is my second nail art for you all!!

I’ve kept it simple, by using just 2 colors.

I have used the following:
Avon matte nail paint in Red Velvet.
Street wear nail paint in Golden Mirror.
Avon base coat.
A ball point pen (with empty refill)

I have painted my nails with the base coat and have applied two coats of Avon Red Velvet and let it dry.

Next take a paper, put a drop of the golden nail paint on it. Now use the empty refill pen as your dotting
tool and let your creativity play on your nails! I did a multi petal flower at the bottom right corner of
each nail.

I wanted to make it more festive, so tried doing a little more design on my thumb & index finger (but
messed up ultimately).

But the design I had in mind was different from what you see in my index finger Sorry girls, I messed up
these two fingers. Since this design was not attractive, I did a simple one on the remaining fingers. Hope
you like the simple design.