Two MAC-o-holics.. A Mall.. And Makeup Part I ;)

What happens when two MAC-o-holics meet? They become bankrupt! Duh!!!! When Preetha and I met (Preetha’s lovely blog: Indian Beauty Journal ) that’s exactly what happened! 😛

Preetha had come from Mumbai for some personal work and we had already made a pact that when she is here whatever work she might have we would definitely meet and we’ve met twice till now 😀 Pree (that’s how I call her! :P) has become such a good friend now! She is such a sweetheart!! We were such bad influences on each other at the MAC store and she was such a bad influence on me at the TBS store 😉 But on a serious note I bought the TBS Kabuki brush on her recco and I’m loving it 😀
Here is a picture of what we bought on the first day of our meet:

We will be meeting sometime next week again so there will definitely be a continuation of this post 😛 I will give you the rest of the details then! 😀 And since we were so busy talking all the time we just did not have time to click pictures!!  😛

P.S: This post is specially dedicated to Aarthi who we dearly missed :* Hoping to meet you soon!!