Top 5 Things You Can Do This Karva Chauth Unconventionally

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Karva Chauth has come a long way from just being a festival of one-sided devotion to the male partner, to being a celebration of mutual love and respect. Many term it as India’s answer to Valentine’s Day for the married love birds.

For the woman of today, Karva Chauth means far more than just observing a fast for her husband. Over the time the significance of Karva Chauth has garnered a gender friendly shift, where often the husband and the wife fast together to rejoice in each other’s company. The modern couples have found refreshing ways to express their love for each other on Karva Chauth. Here are top 5 things to do this Karva Chauth unconventionally.

Bend the trend, gift your husband a piece of men’s jewellery
Is it a ritual for your husband to gift you a gorgeous piece of jewellery every Karva Chauth? We suggest you bend the trend and gift him an exotic piece instead, this festival. After all, your man is special and deserves your appreciation too. From sophisticated gold bands and cufflinks to rugged gold bracelets, there are many unconventional jewellery designs on, meant just for your hubby.

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This Karva Chauth, celebrate the moment of togetherness with your partner. Gift him his favourite piece of jewellery that he craves for secretly, but never said it aloud.

Escape from the mundane, plan an exotic vacation
Usher in the Karva Chauth fiesta by indulging in fun like never before. Pack your bags and breeze through an exotic location. Fasting together in the lap of a beautiful locale would certainly rekindle your love with your partner. Pristine locations, love in the air and your partner beside you, your relationship would certainly gain a new high with these.

Go ahead, treat yourself to some major bling
Celebrate your gleaming persona with a charmer beside you and let this charmer be a dazzling rock. From the sparkling solitaires to the glittery gold, treat yourself with impressive jewellery numbers this Karva Chauth. Online shopping for the trending jewellery designs will help you pamper yourself this festival.

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Remember those wedding oaths? Time to recite them again
Take a day off from work, to revisit that special day. Spend a day together and utter the vows that christened your relationship. These words hold the secret to your everlasting love for your partner. So weave them together on the day of Karva Chauth. In the absence of any priest or pundit, witness your bond in each other’s company.

Go back to the time of love letters, exchange notes
The blissful time of love letters is sadly forgotten. But it’s up to you to recreate those moments again. Exchange a note of love with your partner with every line oozing out your emotions. The idea of going out of the box and writing a love note is enough to fuel the flame of love on the day of Karva Chauth. Don’t forget to mention the memories of the first meeting, the proposal, the wedding day and the never-ending special days of love after that.

You can pick your ways to mark the day of love, but if you go bold with the celebration, the excitement is bound to increase manifold.