NYX cream blushes: Review and Swatches

Choosing the right blush colour is a mammoth task but once you know what colour suits you then it’s a feeling that cannot be described by words! I was searching (and searching and searching..) for a cream blush for everyday use. Since I have extremely dry skin powder blushes are not my kind unless and until I like the colour and have no choice.

So on Zara’s recommendation I picked up NYX’s Tea Rose for myself and Glow for my mom. Both were gorgeous colour, 

Tea Rose is a light peachy colour very much suitable for everyday use. For those of you who prefer less colour on your cheeks for a subtle look or if you are new to blushes and would love to try cream blushes this one is for you.

Glow is a beautiful bright pink colour which needs to be used carefully otherwise the nearby circus might hire you to be their clown! But if used properly, it looks so beautiful and is perfect for special occasions.

Without flash

With flash

  • Very pigmented.
  • Lasts on the cheeks for quite a while
  • Quantity is quite sufficient to last you for a long time
  • Very creamy and easily blendable

As of now I don’t find any dislikes with this one.

Great product and Tea Rose is a must have for all of you who are new to blushers!

Price: Rs 520 on Urban Touch
You can also find my review on shopping on Urban Touch here.

Have you tried cream blushes? Which ones are your favourites?