Happy Women’s Day + Mom tag!

Since its Women’s Day today I thought why not tag my mom and dedicate this post to her? It was such a pain convincing her to do this and I had to spoon feed the questions and coax her into answering! 

What is your favourite makeup product?
Mom: Lakme products!
Me: Ma.. Be more specific! I did not ask about brands!!
Mom: Lakme is inexpensive but good quality wise so I prefer that to other brands.If you want me to specify a product it would be blushes ( she has a ton of em!)

mom and me!

When did you start using makeup? 
Lipsticks in college and foundation 6 years back.

What was your initial reaction when I told you that I had a blog dedicated to makeup and beauty?
I was happy but a little worried that you were wasting your time but if you like it then its fine.

How important is skincare and makeup for you? 
Deepu I have to cook! Enough! 
Me: Amma, last 3 questions pleasseee.. okay we’ll skip this one then!

Erica’s question: How is to have Deepika mohan as your daughter? 
Im very proud of her! But I just wish she would share her makeup with me (and she laughs)

Indu Indgal’s question: I know you like makeup. What did you think when Deeps started using makeup?

It felt good because we share a lot of tips and it was nice to learn new things from her but it was also worrying that she spent so much on makeup

Upasana’s question: How was Deeps as a kid?
Very very naughty and i remember she used to get together with the boys of her class to beat up the girls and once she had a competition with her friend to see who will go the highest on the swing and to show her bravery she went really high and jumped. Unfortunately her head hit the water pump and she had to get stitches. 
(I had to stop my mom otherwise she would have gone on and on about me! 😛)

So thats it! Happy Women’s Day to all of you!