Creative Cases!

Whether I carry a big handbag or a small one I don’t like cluttering it with unnecessary beauty products which I might use very little quantity of throughout the day! I was really tired of carrying my facewash tubes and hair serum bottles everywhere and it made my bag bulky so I came up with this solution which might be familiar to a lot of you especially those who have a lot of contact lens cases. For those still wondering what to do with all the extra cases lying around at home, read on!

A contact lens case other than its primary use of storing lens has multiple other uses. From my experience I get a storage case everytime I purchase my lens so I have quite a few of them. 

These are the various ways I use my extra contact lens case:

Usually I use one side of the case for carrying facewash and the other side for hair serum. I empty a little into each of the two containers of the case and refill it everyday or as and when needed and carry it in my handbag and it also fits into my clutch easily! Unlike the bulky bottles and tubes this is by far the best method I’ve used for carrying these two liquids without any spillage in my bag. (the side which has L written on it usually carries my facewash and the other, the serum)

Any of your broken makeup product can be stored in this case and there is no need to waste your favourite makeup product anymore! I had a tough time with my Avon lipbalm and while twisting it I broke three quarter of the lipbalm from the tube. It was a brand new lipbalm and I didn’t want to waste it just because it broke off. So I decided to take the broken part of the lipbalm and scooped out the remaining from the tube and used one of my lens container to store it. And later I used the lipbalm to make my lipscrub so now this container stores my lipscrub 😀

While travelling, your lens case can also be used to carry tablets especially homeopathy pills and small safety pins. 
Here are a few pictures Kirthi sent:

Small everyday earrings are easily portable in a lens case! 

Useful for carrying medicines too!!

Hope this article was useful for you! Please leave your comments and ideas below! 🙂