YES To Carrots – C through the Night: Review/Swatches

Aloha Ladies.
Its 2014. I cannot believe that 2013 just flew by and there were tons of stuff that happened. And I am really excited about ‘14 (those who know it will say “ OBVIOUSLY” 😉 ).
For my birthday in September last year, I received a fabulous gift from a special person. Most Indian bloggers who shop internationally or have this thing for clean skincare will definitely know about this brand. Yes. Its the Yes to. Inc. 🙂

YES To Carrots – C through the Night: Review/Swatches

If I have to brief about them, then here is what I have to say. Yes to. Inc. is a skincare company who produce premier skincare products using fruits and vegetable extracts along with mineral extracts from the famous Dead Sea. Their products are para-ben free and safe to use. And best feature of all – NO ANIMAL TESTING !! 😀

Imagine my surprise when I get this cute little box containing their night cream. I went bonkers. And after a lot of testing I present to you say “YES To Carrots – C through the Night ” Night moisturizing cream for dry to sensitive skin. 😀
It retails at $13.59 for 50ml of the product. (EXPENSIVE !!!!!) You can get it at Ulta or target stores and find this online at

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The packaging is cute. It comes in a recyclable plastic jar with a screw type lid. And it has a stopper inside. That’s double protection. +1 for me 🙂
Yes to. claims to use organic carrots to make this cream. So we can be happy that all those harsh chemicals we are ingesting everyday are not being used on our skin as well (small happiness 🙂 ).
The texture of this cream is like butter. Glistening, soft and melts with the heat of our palm. It is a butterscotch colored cream which smells like carrots and milk cream. (the foodie in me just sighed !! ).
All I do is scoop up a little, and rub it between the palm of my hands so that this cream melts and then apply over my freshly cleansed face at night. It tingles a bit when applied, but you can feel it being absorbed and leaving your skin moisturized.
Only con I feel is that I have to scoop with my fingers. If the design was a little hygiene friendly, then this product would have got a perfect 10 from me!! 🙂
My skin feels all happy happy to have this treatment. And this yields good results too. You can feel a visible freshness with continuous usage.
So go ahead and indulge in some nature therapy and give all the nature’s goodness to your skin. And your skin will thank you by glowing 🙂
Yes to. comes in 4 different ranges.
1.        Yes to. Carrots is for Normal-dry skin.
2.        Yes to. Cucumbers is fro sensitive skin (they use aloe vera with cucumbers).
3.        Yes to. Tomatoes is for Oily skin
4.        Yes to. Blueberries is for aging / mature skin.
Pick the range that suits your skin best and have a blast.
Wishing you all Divas a very happy new year!