WiseShe Oval Makeup Brushes Review

Am I the only one who feels I can never have too many makeup brushes? In all shapes and sizes? No?

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I was very happy to hear that Anamika Surekha, owner of WiseShe, was in the process of launching her own makeup brushes. It is always inspiring and encouranging to see fellow beauty bloggers go out there and create brands from scratch. Fun fact: My first ever review post was on WiseShe and that was even before I started Divassence!

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Like I said before, makeup brushes are absolute essentials. The oval makeup brushes are a super duper hit in recent times, thanks to the densely packed bristles and the flexible handle. The oval shape covers a larger area thus making it easy for application. It also enhances the flawless finish of the foundation on the skin.  Again, that depends on the quality of the bristles and how densely the bristles are packed.

Price: TBA. When I enquired about the price, Anamika said the brushes would be in the drugstore price range.
Launch date: TBA

I received two brushes for review purpose. A large oval brush which I use for my base makeup and a slender oval brush which can be used for contouring, highlighting and to smudge eyeshadow/eyeliner on the lower lash line.

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The WiseShe Oval Makeup Brushes have synthetic fibre bristles, which means they are great to use with liquid and cream makeup products. Synthetic fibre bristles generally do not absorb much product, which means less wastage.

I’ve been using these brushes everyday for about two weeks now. Initially it was difficult for me to look past the uneven bristles. I wish it was cut evenly. But having said that, it did not affect the way the product was applied. There were no streaks of foundation on my skin. The brush uniformly distributed the product and gave my skin an even finish.

I have the Nykaa oval brushes as well. The Nykaa ones are way more densely packed, stiff, and the bristles have a slight roughness to it, which I’m not a fan of. I would definitely choose the WiseShe ones over the Nykaa ones.

The more I used the Wiseshe oval brushes, the more I started liking it. The brushes were just so easy to use and the process of applying my foundation was less time consuming.

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Rating: 4/5 (-1 for uneven bristles. They do bother me!)

Final verdict: Yes, there are similar oval brushes available easily but I would recommend the WiseShe oval brushes. They performed better than some of the other ones I have. Will keep you guys updated on the launch date, the number and types of brushes that are going to be launched and their prices.


Have you tried oval makeup brushes from any brand? Let me know your experience and how you use them!

Disclaimer: The Wiseshe Oval Brushes were sent to me for review purpose. This review post is not sponsored. All opinions are my own.