WetnWild Color Icon Palette Comfort Zone: Review and my 1st EOTD!

Finally my first EOTD on the blog! And with one of my first palettes! (If you want to see only the EOTD you can skip the review and go down to the end of the post 😛 )

The WetnWild Comfort Zone palette is one of my favourite palettes! It has 8 wearable colors and you can create so many different looks with these 8 colors!

This is one of the best palettes I’ve come across for beginners. Not only do each of the colors have instructions on how to use it but there are instructions behind the palette too. And following these instructions are as easy as ABC. :P. 
Price: $4.99 for 0.3oz
For the quantity in each pan (and a total of 8 colors) this palette is inexpensive and of awesome quality at the same time too!!
Wetnwild palettes usually have palettes which have 3, 6 and 8 colors. They usually consist of colors that you can create a simple look with as well as a glamorous one!
The first four colors which are various shades of browns (the browbrone shade is that of butterscotch). All these colors have shimmer and are extremely pigmented.
The next four have shades of green (except for the browbone one). These colors can be combined with the browns to give a warm earthy look. The last one (definer) in this is a tricky shade to work with. It is a duochrome shade and has green and brown in it. These colors are so pigmented that it is better if used sparingly and then built upon.
The colors do not fade and stay the exact same way throughout the day. Although they do not crease on the eyelids, fallouts are inevitable.
Swatches of all the 8 colors:
Other than availability and fallout being an issue I don’t find anything else that I dislike regarding this palette. If you know anyone coming from the US ask them to get this one for you!
My very first EOTD:
This was taken indoors so the lighting might not be great. Please do leave your feedback and suggestions on how I can improve my skills below (also I haven’t used an eyeliner :P). I’ve used the browbone shade from the brown quartet and the two greens (eyelid and crease shades) from the green quartet for this look. 🙂

Overall I would recommend this palette to everyone. Its a lovely palette to work with and even a beginner like me will enjoy practicing eyemakeup with this one! 😉