Weekly Ramblings: Round 9


How was your week? Mine had its share of highs and lows. I spent Diwali with family and friends but I had ulcers on my tongue and throat and it was so difficult to have fun and celebrate the occasion and the entire week was just spent writhing in pain.

BUT..my friend Nandini had come down from Bangalore on Diwali and we spent 3 days shopping!! While the rest of the group we hung out with ate, I was a mere spectator who clicked pictures of food. 😛

On Diwali, we spent a part of the day at my place experimenting with makeup. I did her makeup and mine before we left for shopping.

We went to Express Avenue and while I refrained from splurging, Nandini bought the Forest Essential Sweet Narangi Lip Balm and Marks & Spencer Hand cream  after reading my reviews. 😀 It feels so good when people trust the reviews you write and invest in a product! It is such a happy feeling 😀

The day after Diwali, we went to Cream Centre and while the rest of them gorged on Biryani, Paneer, Pasta and Nachos, I managed to have a serving of the pasta since it just had cheese and was not as spicy as the biryani, a few helpings of nachos and I did manage to have a bite of the starter. This was after having a pain killer so imagine my plight!!

We also went to Phoenix Mall and do I hate that place! It has absolutely nothing!! Yeah, exclusive outlets of MAC, Estee Lauder, Clinique and Chanel were worth the trip but compared to what I’ve heard about Phoenix malls in the other cities, this had nothing! It is not a mall I would go to often. By the way, the Parcos here has Guerlain, just in case anyone is interested.

The third and final day of her trip here was spent shopping at TNagar. We bought some materials, bags and miscellaneous stuff. We then went back to Express Avenue again to check if Faces had the matte nail polishes but unfortunately they weren’t in stock. We then went to Fab India where Nandini bought the bangles shown below as a gift for me. it was priced at 300 and odd bucks and was so worth the price!! She also gifted me two Color Show nail polishes.

I’m planning to design a saree for myself so bought rolls of borders too! 😀 Will show you the outcome when its done. 😀

The rest of the week, I. spent resting and tending to my health, and least to say, it was boring to stay in bed all day. Baahh!!

And if these pictures aren’t enough, wait.. I have more! Here is a look at what Nandini bought!

She bought a saree for her mom which had warli print with colors on it. I absolutely loved it!

Oh! And here is a picture of the clutch my mom had gifted me for Diwali. I LOVE it!! She also bought me a saree which I’ll show you in one of The Jhumka Diaries post.

How is your weekend coming along?  🙂