VIVO Cosmetics Baked Blush: Rosy: Review/Swatch/FOTD

Rosy pink cheeks is something we all dream of. When people say a flush of rosy pink is achieved when you walk in the snow or when you hit the gym, I think it might just not be worth it. Until I found a shortcut to achieve this oh-so famous rosy glow and no brownie points for guessing that it is a blush and it is called Rosy!!


Price£4 for 8g


Packaging The blush comes in the usual but a flat blush pan with a transparent lid. There is enough quantity to last a lifetime!!

Color: Rosy, being a baked blush, has these veins of different shades of pink apart from the base pink. Surprisingly, when I swirl my brush on all the colors, I get a light pink shade which is what makes the cheeks look flushed and rosy.

VIVO Baked Blushers, like I mentioned in my review of Cinnamom Glow, are some of the best blushers available in the market. Rosy is aptly named since it provides that slightly warm pink glow to your cheeks which instantly perks up your skin. On my skin tone, there is no hope for a natural flush of color so I found this to be the perfect color to fake it.

This blusher lasted on me for about 6 to 7 hours. After 5 hours it faded slightly but evenly.

I would say that the texture of the blush is soft and is a dream to blend on the cheeks BUT there is a whole lot of silver glitter that shows up if you over-blend the color no your cheeks. You really need to use a light hand while using this otherwise be warned, you could be mistaken for a pink disco ball with the intense pink and the overdose of glitter!!  😛

The shimmer (not the glitter) works if the blush is used sparingly, providing a glow which means a highlighter can be safely skipped. This one works as a two-in-one provided it is used correctly.

Final Word: The blush is highly pigmented (not insanely pigmented as the Sleek blushers) and needs to be used very carefully. This pink can give you a soft pink glow or you can layer the color for a deeper pink. And of course, for the price this blush is a steal!!