To new beginnings…



Did you quit blogging?
Why aren’t you blogging anymore?
Any issues?
Is your blog hacked?

The numerous questions continued from well-wishers when I stopped blogging regularly. I wouldn’t blame my work or anything else for it. The only reason that stopped me from doing whatever I loved doing the most was myself. Last year was a pathetic year for me and if I could erase anything from my life, it would be the year 2014. Well, I absolutely have no regrets since I’ve emerged stronger and wiser (or so I assume! :D)

So coming back to the question, why did I stop blogging? Well, mentally, emotionally and physically I was sick and tired. I took a break from everything I loved and carried on with a very mundane day to day 9 to 5 routine life. I even stopped using makeup. Usually wearing makeup and the process of applying makeup cheers me up but nothing seemed to work. On weekends, I would just lie down on my bed, stare at the ceiling or close my eyes and sleep. It took me a while to realize that I was depressed because of all the negativity around me.


Thankfully, the beginning of 2015, gave me a fresh start and approach to life and I regained confidence, wiped away negativity and thoughts about negative people who had taken over my life. I learnt to take charge of my life with a very supportive and loving push from a very special person. More on that special person coming up on the blog very very soon! 😉 But still blogging took a backseat and maybe that was because of my laziness. :P.

Finally good things are beginning to happen at a rapid speed in my life *touchwood* and now my mind is clear to pursue what I want to do my entire life – beauty blogging. So here I am back again! No, I did not quit, I just took a break for those of you who asked. I do not give up easily and I know I can work hard to make my dreams come true.


Like the boy who cried wolf, I had written several posts announcing that ‘I’m back blogging!’ last year. That was just to motivate and push myself to write but unfortunately even that didn’t work but now I am truly back. 🙂


And yes, my blog was hacked last year and again this year and it was a traumatic experience. Let’s just leave it at that. 🙂

For those of you who have supported Divassence! till now, huge hugs and a big Thank You for that. For the rest, I would love your support, It would mean a lot to me.

I will start posting on a regular basis which means (hopefully) everyday.

So here’s to the new phase of my life, with a very special person (to travel the rest of journey with) and my ever so favorite blog. 🙂