The Jhumka Diaries: Office Edition: Let’s Talk Studs!


It’s Sunday and you know what that means! Yet another edition of The Jhumkas Diaries is here! Today, we will scrutinize the various kinds of studs that are appropriate for work. 

While studs come in different shapes, sizes and patterns, I’ve listed below some basic ones that will give you an idea as to what is appropriate for work. That way, it wold be easier for you to pick ones which suit your style.

Plain Silver/Gold with Patterns:

 Earrings which come with patterns sans stones, beads, suited for ethnic wear is safe and can be paired with any outfit. I would suggest buying pairs in gold and silver so that you can match them according to your outfits. These earrings do make a subtle statement and can be teamed with a pair of bangles of the same color.

Again, a simple stud with a single pearl makes an elegant statement. The ones shown above are embedded in a silver base but pearl earrings sans the frills work as well. For those of you who are hesistant and do not know what to wear pearls with, start with this: Pearls can be worn with any outfit which has a hint of white or off-white in it. 
Stone Stud Earrings
Earrings with stones set in them make quite a statement. Various options ranging from a single stone, multiple stones, clear stones, colored stones to patterns based on the cuts are available in the market. Remember to keep it simple to work. Either choose a stud with ONE medium size stone (not more than one!!) or with multiple small stones (average of three. If they are really small then 5). 

You just cannot go wrong with beads! Again, beads come in various shapes and sizes. Choose ones that look good on you and suit the shape of your face. Remember to mix and match colors. You don’t HAVE to wear studs made of pink beads for a pink outfit. Choose studs of other colors which are present in the outfit too. Just because the majority of the outfit color is pink, you need not wear pink. If the outfit has a little white, then go for white beads. 

More pictures of the studs I have and how I store them here!

Hope this helped! 🙂 

Do you wear studs to work? Do they belong to any of the categories mentioned above?