Tayloring Your Look..

After that Audrey Hepburn rush and the fantastically kind comments I got for the article, I thirsted after a little more from old world fashion. And this time, I’m showing you a way to ‘Taylor’ your look to follow the Liz Taylor way!
Style, for Elizabeth Taylor, was all about being bold and fearless. Right from the range of diamonds to the hairstyles, the thickly made up eyes to the cleavage, she was a class apart back then.


In her younger days, Liz had a fantastic repertoire of dresses with plunging necklines with straps poised to slip off her shoulders, a bouffant hairdo and well defined eye make-up, as she grew older, she donned tight miniskirts and elaborate headpieces in the seventies. When the eighties came around, she brought to fore a trend of feather boas, bright blue eye-shadows, and poufy-ness in everything! Even towards the end of her life, Liz was truly the diva: she turned up for many philanthropic pursuits in a wheelchair, but not one bit less stylish: she was swathed in silk caftans and draped herself with fur and velvet wraps!

So here’s what I think we can take today, from Liz’s look!
The Bouffant hairdo
Liz Taylor had a poufy hairdo nearly all the time. Whether it was the boyish elfin crop or the regular shoulder-length cut, there was volume with the bouffant styling. In this day and age where hard-water, pollution and chemicals work in stunning co-operation to make sure your hair falls, this hairdo can help create an illusion of volume! Liz Taylor never left the house without being perfectly coiffed.
The Summer Dress
The light summer dress extending to knee-length, topped with light cap sleeves is an evergreen favourite. She had a 21-inch waist, so the dress nearly always looked perfect. But whatever be your body shape, the summer dress in light and pretty shades can make you look stylish!


The Hat!
So you thought the Queen of England and her entourage were the only ones that wore hats. Agreeable. But truly, the hat is no longer a relic, or a thing for British climes. Liz Taylor wore hers with élan, and so can YOU!
The Neckpiece
Especially during the height of 1980s excess, Liz Taylor displayed a love affair with sparkle. This was grandly evident both in her jewellery and her clothes. Although it might appear like a rather over-the-top dress sense, a beautifully crafted neckpiece can work wonders for your ensemble.
The Silk Scarf
Taylor once said that women who do not wear silk scarves are futureless. That’s a little extreme, granted, but the refinement and dignity that a silk scarf can lend to your ensemble is something as yet unparalleled. Throw on a stole or a scarf in silk either on your neck, or tie it up like Liz did, to keep a tan at bay!