Swearing by it in style – Celebrities who use Mineral Makeup!

There are more celebrities than we know that swear by products we each have our sights set upon. Whether it is the clothes they choose to wear, or the makeup products they like to fall back on, or even the designers and hair care products they most like, the one focal point that sets purchases and splurges in motion is truly what a celebrity picks out of the repertoire of products in the market.
Celebrities who use Mineral Makeup!

Coming to mineral makeup, the takers are plenty. Paris Hilton and her sister Nicky are known to swear by it. From the Hollywood talent mill, Madonna, Sandra Bullock, Renee Zellweger, Portia de Rossi, Andrea Anders, Julia Roberts and Jennifer Love Hewitt are known to be reliant on mineral makeup. Specifically in love with the brand called Jane Iredale are a slew of leading celebrity women that includes an inspiring Angela Bassett, Victoria Beckham, Juliette Binoche, Laura Bush, Naomi Campbell, Mellisa Gilbert.

Celebrities who use Mineral Makeup!
Celebrities who use Mineral Makeup!
There have also been many on-screen uses for mineral makeup. Christina Applegate’s make up in The Sweetest Thing was entirely mineral. Think of Charlie’s Angels, and you’ll definitely remember that Lucy Liu’s makeup had a quaint quality to it: yep, mineral! If you’re a television buff, look towards Alicia Silverstone in “Miss Match” and Ashley Richards in “One Tree Hill” for inspiration!
Celebrities who use Mineral Makeup!
Celebrities who use Mineral Makeup!
Nevertheless, celebrity or non-celebrity, you can make yourself feel like one with a neat job using mineral makeup!
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