Swatch Attack!: An Insight into the RiRi Hearts MAC collection

By Janani

MAC is one of the most sought after cosmetics brand in India. And they are famous for bringing out collections inspired by cult classics, be it Marilyn Monroe, Archie’s or

Rihanna. They set the trends for others to follow.

Recently the blogosphere went crazy over the new collection MAC had come out with in collaboration with the current pop sensation Rihanna. In fact I am probably the last few unlucky ladies (along with Dee 🙁 ) who couldn’t get their hands on Riri Woo lipstick.
Here is the insight I got from the MAC MUA who was not only sweet enough to answer, but also agreed to give me swatches.
What does Riri collection mean?
This is Riri Hearts MAC collection, brought out by MAC in collaboration with Rihanna.
A collection inspired by her, designed by her and worn by her.
Is this the Holiday collection?
The Riri Hearts MAC collection is different from the holiday one. The Holiday Collection will be launched shortly, right in the bang of Holiday season. 🙂
Why Rihanna?
Rihanna is different. Her sense of style, her way of life is different. She is classy, unique and is always setting trends. MAC stands for all these. And our goal was to make every single lady feel special, unique and different.
This collection reflects her personality. She chose the lipsticks, the color, finish, name etc. She designed the eye shadow quads with each color chosen by her for the palette. Even the false lashes have her trademark style !!! The universally flattering blush in this collection, not just imparts color but also highlights and contours. Amazing !!!!
But the most amazing product in this collection is the eye brow pencil. It has a brush on one end and a nice brown pencil on the other end. And the pencil color is PERFECT for Indian Olive Skin tones..
My thoughts on this collection
MAC always takes their collection to the next level in terms of the package design to suit their LE collections. This one is no exception. The RiRi Hearts MAC has a Beautiful Rose Gold packaging for the entire collection. Lipsticks have Riri’s Signature engraved on them. Feels like taking a piece of stardom with you.
Since Riri Woo not only carried her name, it was well on its way to become a cult
Classic and hence they seem to have made a complete set for it comprising of a  lip pencil and a lip-glass in addition to the lipstick.
Here are the Lip Colors and my take on them.

Matte finish lipstick, with a hint of mauve in it. I don’t know how this color would look on Indian skintones, but on very fair ladies, this might look either mauve or give the impression that the lips have vanished !! I think she wore a similar shade in her song Stay !! That’s just my guess 😉
Who’s That Chick:

A frost finish orange lipstick which is loaded with gold and pink shimmers. It is quite smooth to apply. The shade looks different when swatched on hand as compared to the shade card. She might favor this for stage shows I guess. All you ladies who want to try something outside your comfort zone, give this one a shot. 😛

Talk That Talk:

Now go take a look at the first picture on this post. How does she look? Stunning ??
Amazing ?? Chic ?? That’s Talk That Talk lipstick for you. Deep berry shade perfect for the fall season. It is a Retro-matte finish. I tried it on and .. Love love it but sadly no stock!!
RiRi Woo:

One shade which is selling like hot cakes!! Or rather was sold out in three hours flat after it’s launch in most MAC stores. The color can be described as a red shade with a hint of orange and a slight tint of pink. Apparently stays longer than Ruby Woo and has a better finish. If you have it  *sigh* lucky you! If you are selling it, * shouts – I WANT *

Just one blush, but it does everything for you. A coppery golden blush, which has enough base color to give that hint of color, has enough sheen to catch the light and has enough depth to help you contour your face. Out of stock again. But Dee got it and will be reviewing it next week. Then I am stealing it from her!! 😀

**Girls don’t fret that this collection has gone in a blink. Wait for the Holiday collection. Those of you who follow RiRi on Instagram would know why. Wait for another sensational lipstick that is going to rock the world. It got sold out online in flat 2 hours.
With all the hope in the world to get my hands on it and hoping that RiRi Woo would come back again, sigh, the post now ends from my side! 

Leave your comments on which shade you liked the best and your thoughts on this collection.
The reviews of Riri Woo Lipglass and Bad Girl Gone Good blush will be up the coming week!