Space-Wise: Glamour in a Glass Case!

Remember the post on lens case and its various uses?? So why leave reading glasses case behind?? If you are a lover of sunglasses like me and also use glasses on a regular basis you must be having a ton of these cases! Read on to find out how you can use them!

The makeup I carry in my handbag is much less compared to what I would actually intend to carry. Each time I want something, I always end up finding everything else except that which I’m searching for! Once out of frustration I took all the makeup from my handbag and tried fitting it into my sunglasses case and viola! a new idea was born!! 😀
The makeup I carry in my handbag
An empty sunglasses case
Surprisingly all of them fit in my Fastrack sunglasses case!! In my little lens case I carry a little foundation and cream blush. 😀
Another idea that struck me was, if you decide to go out for a night out straight from work you might need a concealer, powder blush(for those of you who are averse to cream blushers! :D) an eyeshadow and a lipstick. If you have round refills you can get yourself a non-magnetic Inglot palette which is cheaper than the magnetic one (or make a palette on your own! btw do you guys want me to do a post on that?) and customize it to suit your needs. In the palette below there is an eyeshadow, a coral eyeshadow (which doubles up as a blush) and a concealer! And the palette fits into the case perfectly!
I’ve only removed the lens case and added the palette and even then everything seems to fit in perfectly!

This is such a good non-messy way of carying makeup in your handbag! And you don’t need to dig into the endless pit to search for a product you want so badly for a touch-up!

Hope you enjoyed the post! Leave your ideas, suggestions and questions below!

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