Some don’ts for Valentine’s Day

We concede: the hype is all that makes it fantastic. For the mature couple, everyday is Valentine’s Day – February 14 is just one special day on which the rest of the world acknowledges it. For those that are new to the dating deal, or are still in the initial few weeks/days of a relationship, that may not be the case.
Wherever you are on the relationship scale, here are some important points to remember when it comes to V-Day!
Don’t assume that your partner feels exactly as you feel about Valentine’s Day!
It’s possible that your partner isn’t as ecstatic about the day as you are, or perhaps, is doubly excited in comparison with you. At any rate, don’t be demanding of an equitable perspective on the day, because he is him, and you are you!
Don’t get too caught up and forget the date!
It doesn’t matter even if you think it’s just another date on the calendar – do sit up and take notice of the day, and get caught up in the frenzy sometimes – it only comes once a year, anyway!

But…. don’t get too swept up in the romance!
While it is good to get caught up in the frenzy, don’t go overboard. Remember, symbolism is good only if the foundation is good. So don’t indulge too much in the symbolism, and wind up shaking up the foundation!
Please forget about your ex
It is never a good idea to contact or think of your ex, or the way he did something for Valentine’s Day. You are where you are now for a reason, and he doesn’t have a place in your life for a reason. Keep it that way.
Don’t overthink things
It doesn’t help if you overthink everything from the way your partner handles the day, or gifts you or does things for you. Nevertheless, don’t settle for something cheap and generic!
Don’t go overboard on the gifts
Show your love, no harm. But don’t go overboard with the gifting. One, it helps nothing, but show overt materialism, and two, it may disappoint you that your partner hasn’t gone all the way as you have!
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