Sleek i-Divine Sparkles 2 Palette: Review, Swatches

Don’t we all love some bling in our lives? No matter how much, some sparkle and shine is all that is needed and we are set to rock!

Sleek i-Divine palette 1

Although I am not much of a shimmer person especially when it comes to makeup, the Sleek Makeup I-Divine Sparkles 2 Limited Edition Palette has intrigued me since the day it got launched and finally laid hands last year. This is one of beautiful palette by Sleek! Unfortunately it is now not available on their site as it is a Limited Edition palette. This one was launched last year during the festive season, December or so.

What is it?: A 12 pan eye shadow palette consisting of shimmery and metallic hues. Price: $10 (excluding shipping) Is it a limited edition: Yes

sleek i-Divine 2

Shades: The palette contains 12 eye shadows like any other sleek eye shadow palette. This palette is apt for the festive season; it has 8 glittery shades and 4 metallic shades. Each shade is given a name which is based on the holiday/festive season. There are 4 basic shades, gold, copper, silver and bronze which are essential for creating a festive look.

sleek i-Divine 3

Here is a detailed description of each color. The eye shadows are swatched without a base/primer 1st Row: Chocolate Penny: Metallic Copper shade Blue Spruce: Teal Blue shade with a mix of blue and silver glitters. Festive: Plum shade with silver shimmer Gold Ribbon: Metallic Gold shade 2nd Row Mulled Wine: Wine color with Gold glitters. Truffle: Metallic Chocolate Brown color Glitz & Glamour: Charcoal shade with silver and blue glitters. Tinsel: Metallic Silver shade 3rd Row Mistletoe: Deep green shade with silver glitters. Illusion: Berry shade with silver glitters. Twinkle: Navy Blue with silver glitters. Starry Night: Matte Black with silver glitters sleek i-Divine swatches Pigmentation and Texture: The metallic shades are decently pigmented but the glittery shades have poor pigmentation (Mulled wine, Illusion, Twinkle and Starry Night). They have major fall out issues. The metallic shades are soft and smooth in texture though Gold Ribbon is difficult to work with. Truffle, Chocolate Penny and Mistletoe are my favorites and they have good pigmentation. The rest of the colors are too glittery and fall out while being used. Tip: Make sure you do the rest of your face makeup after finishing your eye makeup using such shades which fall out since they can make you look like a shiny disco ball. Staying power: On my oily lids it stays for nearly 4-5 hours. However with primer it stays on for 6-7 hours.

sleek i-Divine 5


  • 12 amazing shades apt for the festive season, parties
  • Each of these eye shadows are wearable in terms of color
  • Decent pigmentation for most of the shades
  • Staying power is good
  • These do not irritate the eyes


  • Some shades have poor pigmentation.
  • Fall out issues!!
  • Availability in India; Can be ordered online and at your own risk!!

sleek i-Divine 4

Rating: 3.5/5 Final Word: Considering the fact that there are all these lovely glittery and metallic shades in a single palette at an economical price, I still don’t recommend it. Why? Majority of the shades have poor pigmentation, the color doesn’t show up properly and of course, using these eye shadows mean major fall out issues. However if you love all things bling, you can surely go for this, if Sleek decides to re-launch it, that is. 🙂